Via Pulchritudinis

In celebrating the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Order, the General Chapter of Trogir (2013) recommended offering events which promote knowledge of the artistic heritage of the Order. Many Provinces throughout the world have prepared art exhibits reflecting this heritage. Santa Sabina recently opened its own exhibition, Auguri! Expressing the Dominican Tradition in Contemporary Art for the Jubilee. In his prefatory comments to this exhibit, Fr. Bruno Cadore, Master of the Dominican Order noted, "The tradition and rule of the Friars preachers calls on them to learn ‘to recognize the Spirit working in the midst of God’s people, and to discern the treasures hidden in the various forms of human culture, by which human nature is more fully manifested and new paths to truth are opened.’ (LCO 99 § II). This Jubilee exhibition stems from such a desire to search, with others and especially in dialogue with artistic creation, these new paths ad veritatem.”