GTU/Holy Names University Cross-Registration Agreement

The following is the agreement between Holy Names University (HNU) and the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) as of February, 1998:

  1. Graduate Theological Union students may take upper-division or graduate course at Holy Names University with the approval of the HNU Division Chairperson (undergraduate courses) or Program Director (graduate courses) and the HNU Registrar. All courses taken by Graduate Theological Union students on a cross-registration basis must also be approved by the Dean of their school of affiliation and the GTU Consortial Registrar.
  2. Holy Names University full-time seniors and graduate students may take a course at the Graduate Theological Union with the approval of the GTU faculty member offering the course and the GTU Consortial Registrar. Holy Names University students must also obtain the approval from their academic advisor and the HNU transfer credit evaluator.
  3. Students may cross-register for no more than one course (usually three semester units) in any academic term. Holy Names University students may not cross-register in GTU courses that are also offered for credit at HNU.
  4. To cross-register, students should file the GTU/HNU cross-registration form by the registration deadline at their host institution. Forms are available from the HNU Registrar, the GTU Consortial Registrar and the Registrars of GTU schools of affiliation; they are not available on-line. 
  5. Cross-registered students must follow the academic procedures and deadlines of the host institution.
  6. Upon completion of the course, credit will be transferred between schools by transcript.