Biblical Languages

The MA in Biblical Languages is a specialization within the GTU Common MA Program. Hence, the policies governing the Common MA normally apply to the MA in Biblical Languages.

The Biblical Languages concentration is designed especially for highly qualified persons planning to pursue doctoral work in Biblical Studies. The program is also well suited to those students desiring a terminal degree with a concentration in the biblical languages and a firm background in Biblical Studies. Students develop competencies in reading and translating biblical Hebrew and Greek, selecting a primary and secondary concentration in the language of their choosing. A completion project at the end of the program will demonstrate language integration of Hebrew and Greek into the student’s research.  

Although the Biblical Languages is designed to prepare students for doctoral work in Biblical Studies, successful completion of the MA in Biblical Languages does not guarantee admission to the PhD program at the GTU. The policies of the GTU Common MA apply to persons in the MA in Biblical Languages except as stipulated in the MA Program Handbook.

NOTE: The MA Biblical Languages Coordinator certifies fulfillment of the additional/alternative requirements; the GTU Dean’s Office certifies completion of the general requirements on the MA in Biblical Languages Program Checklist.