From the President

The GTU is pleased to welcome President Daniel Lehmann, who began his term on August 1, 2018. Look for a new column from President Lehmann on this page soon!

Welcome to the GTU’s website!

Whether you are a prospective student discerning whether this school fits your next step, a current student, alum, faculty member, friend and supporter, or someone searching for innovative interreligious programs, we are delighted that you found us!

The Graduate Theological Union has gone through significant expansion the past several years to become more fully interreligious and interdisciplinary in its educational offerings. In addition to the establishment of the Mira and Ajay Shingal Center for Dharma Studies, courses in Jain and Sikh Studies have been added to the curriculum. Also, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) and the Center for the Arts and Religion (CARe) have become fully integrated into the GTU as program units, and offer special concentrations in their respective fields.

The GTU now offers opportunities for students to join interreligious research cohorts focusing on a substantive problem in the Anthropocene. Cohorts compete for funding and their projects can derive from course assignments or the interests and passion of a group of student researchers. Each cohort must engage a grass roots organization somewhere in the world that is working on the same problem. This is an invitation to cross-fertilize theory with practice and to encourage students to examine the relevance of their scholarship to real world problems.

With a newly designed curriculum in both the PhD and MA programs, the GTU offers a flexible but intense approach to graduate religious education that offers wide-ranging opportunities supported by a creative and committed faculty who relish their work with students. Whether you are pursuing interreligious topics or in-depth study within a particular religious or spiritual tradition, we have a place for you! Our new programs match well with our new tagline for the GTU: Grow in knowledge. Thrive in spirit. Unite in solutions.

There are many reasons to keep engaged with the Graduate Theological Union – in addition to our degree programs, we sponsor myriad interreligious educational programs for the public each year through the dynamic work of our centers and member schools. Many of these opportunities to learn and engage are also available on the web. Take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the GTU. We hope you return often!


Riess Potterveld
President (2013-2018)