Rev. Laura Barnes

Rev. Laura Barnes

Residence: Placerville, CA
Occupation: Senior Pastor, El Dorado County, Federated Church (a joint UMC/PCUSA congregation)

How would you describe your religious affiliation and/or spiritual background?

Raised in the Southern Baptist tradition in a megachurch in Dallas, I found that women could be ordained in the Presbyterian church. I returned to grad school for my MDiv and, when the PCUSA refused to ordain my LGBTQ siblings, I sought ordination within the United Church of Christ. I have been an ordained UCC minister since 2003, after graduating from the Pacific School of Religion in 2001. I also continued with my DMin at the University of Creation Spirituality.

In one word, how would you describe the way you feel about the GTU?


What excites you about becoming a member of the GTU’s Board of Trustees?

To support the institution that provided me with the ability to engage with others on their spiritual journey; to continue to expand my understanding of the necessity and power of interfaith realities; and to be part of a world where anything is possible, and imagination is part of the daily conversation.

What do you find inspiring about GTU 2.0 and the future of the GTU?

I am excited about the commitment to diversity within the current seminary education experience, as well as within its student population and leadership. I look forward to encouraging others to participate in supporting the GTU and becoming part of its ever-expanding vision for preparing the next generation of world leaders. On a personal note, I get to work with Bill Glenn (again) and a world-class group of individuals who are serving on this board and leading this institution.

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